Handmade Beige Medallion Persian Vintage Rug
Handmade Beige Medallion Persian Vintage Rug
Handmade Beige Medallion Persian Vintage Rug
Handmade Beige Medallion Persian Vintage Rug
Handmade Beige Medallion Persian Vintage Rug

    Handmade Beige Medallion Persian Vintage Rug


    Vintage rugs are exceptional pieces among all rugs as they reflect Anatolia's beautiful traditional style. They are produced by rug expert Turkish women, making them extraordinary compared to machine-woven rugs. This weaving process takes months, sometimes years. Each of them is one of a kind and they carry the marks of their weavers. Each tells a story of faraway lands and they bring you warmth. The handmade vintage rugs will also give the final touch to your room and make it look stylish and authentic.

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    • ONE OF A KIND  Handmade vintage rugs are woven by experts to be the one and only of their kind.
    • VINTAGE  These rugs have a long history as they were produced by the experts decades ago.
    • ECO-FRIENDLY  These pieces are made of organic cotton which makes them eco-friendly!

    Size: 162 X 287


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