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Perfectly Pairing Rugs with Furniture Choices

27 Sep 2023 0 Comments
Perfectly Pairing Rugs with Furniture Choices

Furniture and rugs are the yin and yang of interior design. They coexist in harmony, each complementing the other’s beauty. While a piece of furniture might be the heart of a room, the rug serves as its soul, grounding the space and tying everything together. Dive into JustRug's guide on harmonizing your rug choices with your furniture for a space that speaks volumes.

Foundations First: Why Rugs Matter
Imagine entering a room with luxurious furniture but cold, bare floors. The ambiance feels incomplete, right? JustRug believes that rugs form the foundation of a room.

Tips for Harmonizing Furniture and Rugs

Coordinate, Don't Match: The goal is not to have a chair that matches the exact shade of your rug. Instead, think of complementary colors. If your sofa is navy, a rug with hints of gold or beige can be captivating.
Play with Patterns: If your furniture is of a solid color, introduce a patterned rug to add dynamism. Conversely, for patterned furniture, a solid or subtly patterned JustRug can offer balance.
Think of Traffic: For areas with high footfall, like near sofas or dining tables, opt for durable rugs that can withstand wear and tear. JustRug’s collection offers a range of options that combine resilience with elegance.
Balance the Shapes: Rectangular coffee table? Maybe a round rug underneath might break the monotony. Mixing shapes adds an element of surprise and interest.
Rugs as Room Dividers
For those with open-plan spaces, rugs can be a game-changer. By placing different rugs in different sections, you can visually demarcate areas, like the dining from the living space, without putting up walls.

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