Rugs have long been part of our lives. Their story began in the Central Asian steppes, and they still reflect the beautiful nomadic Turkic culture of the past. We all know that rugs are important pieces for a home because they bring warmth to the house, and they complete the whole decor with unique and stylish designs. Therefore, we desire to provide the American people with an excellent quality of machine-washable rugs. We work harder to achieve this goal and represent dozens of beautifully designed machine-washable rugs to the country. In the meantime, we provide you with excellent customer service based on the well-known Turkish hospitality.

Our journey started in 1950; after long years of hard work and dedication, we have become the leading handwoven company, first in Istanbul, then in the whole country.
Today, we are exporting to more than 30 countries around the globe. Our headquarter is located in Istanbul, and even today, it has the distinction of being the largest rug store in Turkey.

In 2018, we established a new business and brought a new style to the industry. We created dozens of stylish designs and adopted them into rugs; a harmony of the classic and the modern was born. This new concept of machine-made rugs brought phenomenal success, and in only two years, we became the top 10 rugs exporters in the country.

Now our journey continues in the United States. After long years of success, our goal is to provide the American people with exceptional quality rugs. Over 5000 unique designs and dozens of different qualities, we offer a great range of products to our customers.